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Your staff was Super Efficient& Genuinely Caring
The family of Rosemary Fedewa

John Fedewa
January 20, 2018

Your staff was knowledgeable, caring and patient. Your Reputation is very good, as well as your facilities.
My parents had preplanned funeral arrangements with your funeral home, and I knew that was the way to go!
The family of Bob Roy

Jeff Roy
November 13, 2017

Thank you for your kindness, support and sympathy during this difficult time.
You all have brought comfort to our family and helped make this time a little more bearable. You did such a great job with our mother. Thank you in the many ways you have helped us during over bereavement. We deeply appreciate your kindness.
The Waswick Family

Carole Koan, Lindsey and Jermey Waswick
November 13, 2017

You are like family!
The staff at Misiuk Funeral Home is Helpful, Caring, Knowledgeable.
Their Reputatation is Very Good and so is their Facilities.

The family of Helen Zubek

Elaine Zubek
October 9, 2017

Thank You for everything. The staff at Misiuk Funeral Home was helpful, caring, patient and knowledgeable. Their Reputation is excellent and the facilities are very good.

The family of Gerald J. Koviack

Julie Koviack
October 4, 2017

The staff at Misiuk Funeral Home was helpful, caring, knowledgeable and caring.
Their reputation is excellent and their facilities are very good.

Angie Nietling
September 18, 2017

The facilities, quality of Reputation, and Locations were Very Good at Misiuk Funeral Home. The staff was helpful, caring, knowledgeable.
We highly recommend Misiuk Funeral Home.

The family of Joan Schneider

Yvonne Woods
September 7, 2017

The staff at Misiuk Funeral Home was helpful, caring and knowledgeable.
Great People, Great Friends.
My wife Pat's funeral was just the way that Pat wanted.

Carlos Uribe
August 9, 2017

We are very thankful for the beautiful service and help we received from Doug and Staff. They were Honest and Efficient!
Doug was very helpful.
Thank you all.

The family of Virginia (Eickholt) Lawton
July 13, 2017

Thank you for making everything so easy!

The family of Mary Ellen Tifhof

Russ TIthof
July 11, 2017

Our mother's funeral could not have been in better hands! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Ann, Mary, Jan, Sherry and Pat

The Lawton Family
July 11, 2017

Everything was very good! Your staff was helpful, caring, patient and knowledgeable! Thank you!

The family of La Vern Emmendorfer

Barbara Emmendorfer
July 11, 2017

Thank you for everything!
You are wonderful!
God Bless!

The family of Anna (Danek) Gall

Denise Edgar
July 11, 2017

Dear Doug, Shirley, Chris, and Dan,

There are not enough words to express the care and comfort that you provided during the week of Anna Sumberas death. It is a comfort to know that our family will have you all when it is needed! Love You All
Ed and Donna Sumbera

Ed and Donna Sumbera
June 3, 2017

Doug Misiuk has long been our local funeral director. He is apart of our "family". The staff was wonderful!

The family of Beth Rehmann.

Albert Rehmann
June 2, 2017

It was a wonderful funeral. We were all happy!

The family of Michael Schlachter

Mary Beth Reiber
June 2, 2017

Thank you for the wonderful service you provided for us. You went over the top to make this personal for us. You’re the best! You were our superhero! (The funeral home provided specially created Superman-themed prayer cards.)

The family of Ken Smalec
May 9, 2017

Thank you all for helping us.

You were wonderful!

The family of Alex McClelland

Debra Hunt
May 5, 2017

I recommend your services to everyone I talk to!

You are the best!

The family of Ann Sumbera

Donna Sumbera
May 5, 2017

Wonderful people to help us in our time of need!

Karlene Potter
March 10, 2017

Thanks for all of you kind people.
Couldn't have done this without all of you!
Your staff was helpful, caring and patient!

Gerrie Blakeslee
December 16, 2016

Dear Doug,

We realize it is "Your Job" however, we wanted to take a brief moment to tell you just how much you, as a person, are appreciated. Thank you for being the gentle, caring soul that you are!

(Linda Gewirtz Goward family)

Tammy and Mike Yates
December 2, 2016

A lot of family members have been with you and would never change funeral homes!

You are the Best!

The family of Theresa Koepplinger

Diane Hafner
November 12, 2016

Doug, Shirley, and Chris Misiuk

Thank you so much for all of your help and knowledge during this time. This was the first time Russ and I ever had to make all arrangements for a funeral. We would have been lost without your help. Thank you.

Russ and Theresa Tithof
October 29, 2016

A simple thank you does not even seem enough to offer you for all your support, helpfulness and love shown to us during our deep loss and sorrow. We send all our appreciation and will never forget your help, your sympathy, your patience and Love to all of us.

The family of Kevin Lee Miller - Bettylou and Dick Schian
October 21, 2016

We couldn't have asked for a more caring staff. Our dad looked amazing.
Thank you for making this time of grief a little easier!

The Byron Zoellner Family
September 26, 2016

Dear Misiuk Family,
We wanted to express our sincere gratitude for all that you did for our family during our mother's visitation and funeral. We especially appreciate the "special casket" you suggested for mom to be shown in. It was beautiful!
Your thoughtfulness and hospitality were very much appreciated during such a difficult time.

The children of Carol Andres
September 20, 2016

Misiuk Funeral Home was a great help through this difficult time. The one thing we knew for sure, Joan wanted her service done by you!
The Family of Joan Lackie

Greg Lackie
September 15, 2016

The family of Gail Shooltz is very satisfied with Misiuk Funeral Home. The staff is very helpful, caring and knowledgeable. The location, facilities and reputation are very good.

James Shooltz
August 16, 2016

Doug and Chris were helpful, caring, patient, and knowledgeable during the arrangement process. The entire funeral arrangements went wonderful!
The Misiuk Funeral Home facilities, reputation and location were very good.
The family of James Call

Pamela Call
August 16, 2016

Thank you Doug, Shirley, and Chris. Our family is so grateful for your handling of both of our parents arrangements. Thank You from our hearts.

Harold Kulhanek Family
July 19, 2016

Doug, Shirley and staff,
We can’t thank you enough for your awesome efforts in caring for our mom’s funeral details. Everything about your services was excellent. We heard nothing, but positive comments from everyone!

Sincerely, The family of Irene Nietling
June 13, 2016

Doug, Shirley, Christopher, and Dan,
Thank you again for your awesome hospitality! We appreciated your compassion and professionalism during our time of sorrow.

Mitch and Kita and The Henige Family
June 7, 2016

Thank you (again) for your fantastic work. Having to have two funerals so close together was very trying, emotionally. You managed to guide us through the second one very graciously, as well.

Ann Greenfelder and Family

From the family of M. Luann Greenfelder
May 10, 2016

I'd like to thank you for the beautiful funeral services you provided our family. It helps to make it easier when there's someone like you to help guide us through it. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Elaine Maike

From the family of Leonard Maike
April 7, 2016

The number One Reason we will choose and recommend Misiuk Funeral Home to anyone, is the Genuine Concern and Care given at such a stressful time.
We couldn't ask them to be any better or kinder.

The family of Jeanette A. Zajdlik
April 4, 2016

The family of Josephine Sutton would like to thank everyone for their cards, messages and support during this time of loss.

A Very Special Thank You goes to Doug Misiuk and Dan Kribs for arranging details and escorting us to the Fort Custer National Cemetery, Battle Creek.

The family of Josephine Sutton
April 4, 2016

Dear Misiuk Family,

Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion while we dealt with the loss of our dad. You did a Bang up job of helping us honor his beautiful life.
He looked so peaceful and handsome when we said goodbye to him.
We are very greatful. Love, The Greenfelder Family

From the Richard Greenfelder Family
March 11, 2016

Special thanks to Doug Misiuk for his tender and guided assistance during our loss of husband, father, son, brother, and grandfather.

The family of Rick Conklin
December 29, 2015

Dear Doug and Shirley,
I want to Thank You so much for all your help and kindness with my Mom's funeral. You are very special people. My Mom would have been very happy.
Thank you again,
Ann Johnson

The family of Marion E. Morasky
October 7, 2015

I really can't thank you more for doing what you guys did for my mom and our family that was very thoughtful of you guys. Doug you've got a heart of gold. every thing you did for us is very much appreciated. I'll never forget it. Thank you so much.

Chad Gross
July 31, 2015

Words can't express how much you have helped the family get through this difficult time. Things were so much easier for us. Everything you did like checking on us, made it easier to say goodbye. Chris, Dick looked so good (he hadn't looked like that in a couple years, he looked like he just came off the golf course) Thank you. Last memories mean the world. Can't repay you enough!

Barbie Haughton Family
July 28, 2015

Doug and Chris,

We cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful things you did.
Making grandma great looking, beautiful! You both are awesome!
Loves & hugs to both of you.

Ed and Sally List
July 17, 2015

Thank you for your comforting and sincerely handling of everything for our family. It made it so much easier, we appreciate it. You are all so kind.

The family of Robin Huggard
July 17, 2015

Doug and Shirley,

Thank you so much for all of your help during our loss. You went above and beyond and we so greatly appreciate it. Thanks again.

The family of Junior Carlton
July 17, 2015

The family of Edward and Ellen Brabant. Thank you for your support that you showed at each of the funerals. As we look back, we would have done nothing different. The way the funeral home is set up you need to be congratulated, the seating in the parlor is very nice, people can gather and share old memories.
The room for refreshments is a neat place to sit down a minute to get ready to meet your next friends and relative that were all so supportive. Last, but not to be forgotten is your Staff and You who were always there to give both comfort and support and to get us whatever was needed.

The family of Edward and Ellen Brabant
July 16, 2015

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